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MediWound was recently (9/30) awarded a BARDA contract worth up to $112M for the development and manufacturing of NexoBrid. The first phase of the grant provides $24M over five years to support the development of NexoBrid in the US and an
additional $16M for the procurement of NexoBrid contingent upon the FDA approval.

This non-dilutive funding will be used to fund the ongoing Phase 3 "DETECT" study, and is a validation of NexoBrid's efficacy data to date, in our view. If NexoBrid is approved by the FDA, this award could immediately translate into revenue, kickstarting the drug's launch. While the initial BARDA payments will offset the Phase 3 NexoBrid costs, we await additional clarity on upcoming earnings call regarding R&D
plans for EscharEx before adjusting our estimates.


■ MediWound was awarded a BARDA contract for the development and manufacturing of NexoBrid for the treatment of severe wounds. The award includes $46M for development of NexoBrid to treat severe wounds and other indications beyond burns, and $66M for procurement of NexoBrid (contingent upon FDA Emergency Use Authorization or marketing authorization).

■ MediWound was one of four companies in the "burn wounds" space to be granted a BARDA award in an effort by the Dept. of Health and Human Services to enhance treatment options for burn injuries in a disaster setting (see here). The other companies are Argentum Medical LLC, Stratatech Co., and Avita Medical Americas, LLC.

■ Given MediWound's yearly cash burn of ~$25M, and its $55.2M cash balance (a/o end of 2Q15), this grant could support MDWD financially beyond the NexoBrid Phase 3 data readout (1H17). We await additional color on R&D projections during the 3Q15 earnings call next month.

■ Upcoming catalysts include: 1) reporting of top-line data for Phase 2 trial of EscharEx for chronic wounds in late 2015; 2) reimbursement decisions by EU countries regarding NexoBrid ~4Q15; and 3) results of the US Phase 3 DETECT study of NexoBrid for eschar removal in 1H17.

■ Reiterate Outperform, $13 PT. In our view, the unexpected BARDA news provides a good validation booster to MDWD while the EU NexoBrid launch moves forward carefully, and US Phase 3 data isn't expected until 2017. 

Company Description

MediWound is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of products that address unmet needs in the fields of severe burn and chronic wound management.

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